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Our Story

Astu Eco started with an intent to rid India of the plastic menace that is rampant today.


From armchair green supporters to active environmentalists.


It was deeply disturbing to see plastic litter everywhere, on road sides, in parks, in lakes and water bodies, in landfills and in the garbage pile next to education institutes. We were traumatised by the sheer mess of growing garbage on our roadsides and the painful visuals of our urban domestic animals feeding on plastic in the garbage. The story was almost the same in every large city we went. It appeared that the garbage and plastic menace stood unchallenged. And all the cities’ collective misery festered. And elsewhere in the world, turtles, dolphins, goats, sheep, fish and many innocent animals were dying a painful death because they ate plastic. It was heart wrenching. To just watch.


That is when we decided to move from being armchair green supporters to active environmentalists.


Astu Eco was born..


After many trials, prototypes and ideation, with months of brainstorming and soul-searching for a sustainable business idea that is meaningful to us and has a measurable impact on the issue at hand, we finally were crystal clear.

We now proudly make – Delightful Earth Friendly products for the environmentally conscious, that provides an alternate to the harmful disposable plastic.


Together we can make an impact to our surroundings, our apartment blocks, our neighbourhood, our city and leave a better place for the coming generations.


Be a part of the change


If reading our story makes you feel like a kindred soul and you too have been disturbed by the sights in our cities, silently imploring for us to help, & you have always been meaning to do something about it, NOW is the time for action. We have made it easier by bringing to you these beautifully crafted earth friendly products, that are superb alternates to traditional disposable plastic. Now it’s your turn to choose wisely and responsibly, so the future generations too can enjoy a clean, green world. Pledge TODAY to buy earth friendly products.


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