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Welcome to the Astu Zero-Waste

Experiential Hub in Thathaguni



Where we can together learn about climate change, environment, UN SDGs and what each of us can do to decrease our carbon and waste footprint, with minimal effort and simple everyday practices


The Astu Zero Waste hub has everyday products that are amazing sustainable alternatives to single use plastics. You can also buy them online.

We have many creative customised products at the hub for local customised orders. you may not see them all on the online site. 


You can also place orders for  products corporate gift orders at the Zero Waste Experiential Hub. We  can make beautiful sustainable gift sets. Reach out for a catalog to


We have the Zero Waste Fashion section where you can get custom wear stitched with zero waste production, where unused swatches are reused to make beautiful and functional products from coasters, table runners, pouches, bags, festive give-aways, home décor, pet rugs and many more. Your inspiration and our imagination is the limit.



We work with local women on upskilling and job opportunities.

Our aim is local impact on decreasing fabric waste from tailoring

and fashion boutiques in Thathaguni and also build

awareness on sustainable lifestyles.


Tow of the largest environment challenges are waste

generated from single use plastics and fashion industry.

At the Astu ZW Hub, you can try out the simple switches

you can make to decrease waste in your life.

You can explore the range of Astu Eco Sustainable

products and also get your custom clothing made with

zero waste production method. What's more, you will

take back amazing creative zero waste products as freebees.

Support us with your requirements for designer wear, blouses,

ghagras, lehengas, tunics and more.  

Walk in to the inspiring world of sustainability at Astu Zero Waste Hub,

Thathaguni, Bangalore


And if you have pre-loved and precious sarees sitting away in your wardrobe and you don’t know what to do with them, walk in to our boutique and get a beautiful makeover for the saree. We understand the sentiments attached with the sarees and you can give it a new contemporary lease of life and enjoy the saree again. As a dress, tunic, ghagra or a cute little dress from your children.


Here is a sneak peak to The Astu Eco hub, which was a functional warehouse and has now been redesigned as a Zero Waste hub. 

Upcycle, recycle, reuse, redesign … we have all heard this. And now you can experience it at our hub. We hope to inspire you to try some Zero Waste DIYs. Check out some of our interior design elements where we used all of above

The old notice board – gets a fresh new look with reused fabric
The product console table, was just a dusty frame waiting to go
The reception table is atleast 60 years old and bought by my dad in a college auction… and now takes a pride of place
The cutting table was a much smaller table and brought second hand and resized with minimal wood to match our need
Two orphaned old small tables are repainted for fresh look
I still rent my table and chair.. waiting for a switch when the time comes.
Product display cane baskets are atleast 6 years old and looks perfect for the setting.
The wooden whiskey box is now a proud display for zero-waste coasters
The artistic wall art are embroidery loops inserted with waste swatches

The art work on the wall is fabric waste on embroidery rings

The Certificate display is leftover old ply

And all our machines are second hand by the way.

We support the small stores in the locality and procure most of our tailoring material from them.

With your support, we can make small changes which will make a big difference.
Our aim has always been to impact 1 billion people to move to sustainable lifestyles by 2030. We have till date diverted more than 6 million pieces of plastics with our sustainable alternatives.