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About CirQu Digital ID

CirQu Digital ID is a sass based solution that digitally traces every step of a product's lifecycle. It's a unique digital identity for physical products, offering real-time insights into their environmental impact. From birth to end-of-your-use and extend its life by connecting to circular economy enablers like up cyclers, recyclers, NGOs, thrift stores, and others, measuring every eco-friendly choice.

Why CirQu Digital ID?

  • Make Informed Choices: With EcoTrace, you're in control. Know the environmental impact of your purchases, making conscious decisions aligned with your values.

  • Track Your Impact: Watch your contributions to sustainability add up. Measure waste reduction, carbon footprint, and cost savings – all at your fingertips.

  • Empowering Businesses: For companies committed to sustainability, EcoTrace offers invaluable insights. Optimize production, minimize waste, and showcase your eco-friendly efforts.

  • Impactful Collaboration: Join our community of like-minded individuals and businesses. Together, we create a more sustainable world.

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Features of CirQu Digital ID

  • Real-Time Metrics: Get instant access to a product's sustainability data.

  • Personal Impact Tracking: Measure your own contributions to environmental conservation.

  • Business Insights: Gain valuable data for sustainable production and brand enhancement.

  • Community Engagement: Connect with others who share your commitment to eco-conscious living.

How does it work?

It's simple! Each product gets a unique digital identity. Using the EcoTrace app, you can scan the EcoTrace QR code on a product to access its sustainability metrics. See the positive change you're making by choosing sustainable options.

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