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Each year Americans alone use 12.7 billion USD of wrapping paper that gets tossed in 60 seconds. That amounts to more than 4.6 million pounds of waste. Half of that number ends up in a landfill. That's 2.3 million pounds of used, crinkly, glitter-full Santa paper rolling like tumbleweeds across a desolate wasteland of trash.

I am sure we as Indians will not be too far behind with our rich culture of gifting. Here is an opportunity to show how you care about the environment, by wrapping gifts in the revolutionary DO GOOD Wraps, inspired by the Japanese art of FURUSHIKI, but with an added layer of excitement that does not end with your good deed of one gift wrap. 

The DO GOOD wrap is a reusable bag enabled with ECOTRACE Digital ID, and as and when you pass a gift, the wrap can be reused again and again by who ever gets the gift wrapped with DO GOOD. So only the first person pays for it, but 100s can enjoy the simple classic beauty of a sustainable giftware and you can see its journey and enjoy the impact you have created over a 100 times with one DO GOOD wrap.

About Do Good Gift Wrap.

  • Inspired by the Japanese technique of gift wrapping, this is a gift warp that can be used multiple times, washed multiple times and will look good as new. Also comes in gift pouches/bags

  • The material is made from 100% recycled PET bottles and comes with GRS certification

  • The DO GOOD gift wrap is a square made from of sustainable clothing material with peppy and inspiring designs and can help you gift wrap anything you want sustainably and conveniently and never compromising the presentation of a gift wrap.

  • Most importantly, this comes with a tech component, which allows the user to track the journey of his DO GOOD Gift wrap. So one year later your Do-Good Gift wrap may be in Antarctica or New Zealand and going on, on its sustainable journey of awareness building, storytelling and intrigue. Say how?

Diya in Mumbai buys the DO GOOD Wrap and gifts something wrapped in it to Mary in Connecticut. Mary reuses the giftware and gifts her friend Champa in Singapore. Champa in turn does good, by gifting with her newly acquired DO GOOD Wrap, to her colleague Latifa in Africa, who in turn gifts to someone else… and the journey continues. In the meanwhile, Diya, Mary and everyone in the chain can see the power of their sustainable choice on how much they have saved because of one Do Good Gift wrap and also know the journey and history of its intriguing travel, make new connects and share stories on the DO GOOD community platform.


Beautiful prints made on 100% Recycled PET fabrics (GRS certified), that can fit any odd sized gift with easy, reusable, washable and sustainable.


Every time you gift anything with the DO GOOD wrap, its interesting and intriguing journey of sustainability and joy will be shared with anyone in the chain about location, how many times its been used, how much single use gift wrap you have saved individually and collectively, along with opportunity to make new connects build a sustainable story that inspires!! All with one good deed and one clean swipe!!


This DO GOOD Wrap also tells you why is this product sustainable, who made it, how many times has it been used in its lifetime, kms it has travelled and what does it all mean in terms of your contribution to climate change. 


WE KNOW THAT EVERY SINGLE ACTION OF YOURS IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE TOWARDS POSITIVE CLIMATE CHANGE. And now you will know how your every action makes such a big impact.With this wrap and your support our goal is to rid India of single use gift wrapping contributing to tons of waste.

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