The Good Earth Astu Eco Research (GEAR) Center is our Innovatory – a laboratory for Innovation.

GEAR Center is constantly endeavoring to find newer, better products and designs that are closer to earth, bio degradable, compostable, non toxic, chemical free and safer for man, animal and earth. Research is currently on-going, on cloth, bamboo, paper, bio plastic & organic products to create earth friendly alternatives. Also we are researching products that were used by us way before plastic came into our lives. And these can be revived.

We have been supported by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) ) in our innovations on new biodegradable packaging products and machinery.

Organizations and individuals seeking earth friendly packaging or products, especially for non food products, in FMCG, jewellery, gifts industry etc, please reach out to us and we will gear up to work a solution!
Student volunteers in the field of product design and product engineering are welcome to be a part of our ‘Innovatory’.

Reach out at: contact@astueco.com

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