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Veggie to Fridgie Bag- Copper Beech

A beautiful, sturdy, reusable eco-friendly cotton bag with 6 compartments to store vegetables and fruits. The bag as the name suggests is veggie to fridgie, so you can store the bag directly in the fridge. Benefits:  1. Reduce plastic footprint by approx. 500 bags per year  2. Increase freshness of vegetables in fridge by a minimum of 7 days  3. Help save time in shopping,segregating & storing!


Zero Plastic – Easy to Use Vegetable Shopping  Bags

  • Extends the freshness of vegetables
by at least 7 days
  • Your plastic bag footprint per year
decreases by 500!
  • Time-saving organiser pouches included
6 Non-detachable
  • Store bag directly into fridge
  • Earth Friendly
100% Yes – Plain kora
* Wash before first use
* Before storing in the fridge, spray or sprinkle water on veggie pouches and bag to extend the freshness of veggies

Veggie to Fridgie Bag- Copper Beech

SKU: 42022220CB

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